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Where Would I Be Without Them?


Besins Healthcare

We're a family-run company with a laser focus on hormone treatments for conditions including menopause and testosterone deficiency. We know what's important to people and their families - to live their life the way they've always imagined it, fulfilling their aspirations and their dreams. 
With a history of firsts when it comes to our products, in the past 20 years we've evolved the company into an international operation with a direct presence in 22 countries.

Seven Summits Treks.JPG

Seven Summits Treks

Seven Summit Treks, is a Nepalese adventure operator, specializing in 8000ers and offers the major logistics in the Himalayas. Established by four mountaineer brothers, they have a network of experienced professionals spread across Nepal, China, and Pakistan, who will strive to make your mountaineering and trekking experience worthwhile. Mention Allie Pepper when enquiring about your next adventure to receive a special discount.

14 Peak Expedition.png

14 Peaks Expedition

14 Peaks Expedition is a fully established high-altitude sports company. It is also among the world’s largest expedition organizers above 8000-meter mountains including 14 Peaks and Seven Summit in the world. A decade year of experience in the field of mountaineering. Today, we have a team to coordinate the expedition possible within reach of normal people. Mention Allie Pepper when enquiring about your next expedition to receive a special discount.


Global Rescue

Allie Pepper is a Global Rescue Safe Travel Partner

Global Rescue is an industry leader, providing medical and security advisory and evacuation services to travelers around the world. Global Rescue offers field rescue from the point of your injury or illness. With operations centers staffed 24/7/365 by experienced personnel, when you call Global Rescue you speak to a real person on the first call to get you the help you need.

Purchase a Global Rescue membership for your next adventure and travel with peace of mind. Single trip, annual and family options are available.

IMG Signature travel insurance is the perfect add-on to a Global Rescue membership, providing coverage against a variety of unforeseen expenses while you’re traveling, giving you the added comfort of knowing the value of your trip is protected in case you need it.

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Spelean Australia

I am so thankful to be a brand ambassador for Petzl which is distributed by Spelean in Australia. I choose to use Petzl equipment while I climb because they are a brand I trust. 
My favourite products are:
Petzl Gully Ice Axes
Sitta Harness
Laser Speed Light Ice Screws
Sarken Crampons


Become a Sponsor

Allie Pepper is inviting sponsors to join her on her 14 x 8000m peak journey. If you are interested to partner with her please click the contact link.

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