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The Juniper Fund

I began trekking and climbing in the Nepalese Himalaya 15 years ago. The people that live and work in the mountains are the lifeblood of Himalayan expeditions. They are my comrades, my friends and I care about them and their families. The Juniper Fund is a charity that I support with all my heart. During my expeditions I have witnessed many tragedies on the mountain. Nepali workers have died or become severely injured in avalanches or from high altitude related illnesses such as severe frostbite. They are usually the sole income earner for their household. 

The Juniper Fund was started by mountaineers David Morton and Melissa Arnot Reid in order to address an unmet obligation they witnessed through their work as guides in the world's highest mountains. The fund is currently focused on Nepali workers involved with climbing and expedition support in the Nepalese Himalaya.

While the mountain climbing and expedition industry employs countless local staff and labourers in order to help support the adventures many travellers seek, the reality is that some of these workers are injured or killed in the course of this work. Unfortunately, the local governments have inadequate systems for insuring against this in the event of tragedy, and many families are lost without a source of income.

Please help me support The Juniper Fund by making a donation through my page. Your donation means a lot to me and to the families that The Juniper Funds supports.

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