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Posted on Tuesday 1st May, 2012

So its Wednesday the 25th of April, the day and date seem pretty irrelevant to me however. I have just spend the last two days acclimatising by heading up the mountain. The first day I hiked up to the lower Camp 1 at 5600m where Adventure Consultants have their tents. I took up some of our high camp food. I left at 6:30am just as the sun hit the camp and had beautiful weather.

This is my tent and the sun starting to hit the mountain before I was ready to start hiking.

I was feeling pretty good and got there 4 hours later. There is a lot of snow so I followed the steps but its still quite hard work. There is an extra slope and rocky section above the lower camp that leads up to the higher camp… where I saw Dawa heading. I didn’t have my harness and didn’t want to risk going up there without it so I hung out with Guy Cotter and his client Anthony who is from Airly Beach. Guy was nice enough to give me some hot water and Anthony lent me his spoon so I had one of my delicious Backcountry Cuisine meals for lunch. I hung out and waited for Marc and Francis to come up. They were about 2 hours behind me. Then for Dawa to come down. We all headed back to Base and it took about an hour and 15 minutes to get back again. I felt really good and didn’t suffer from the altitude so I decided to head up again the next day with Dawa to the high Camp 1 and take a few more things up.

As per every day so far it snowed around 2 pm and didn’t stop until into the night. Dawa and I left at around 6:40am and this time it only took me 3 hrs and 25 min to get to the same stop. I kept up with the Sherpas and even though they had big loads I never can normally do that! We put on our harnesses and headed up the extra 150m to the high camp. Their is a team from Germany with skis and I am super jealous of them considering the snow conditions. They left at the same time as me and got to camp 1 at the same time on their skis. However most annoyingly they only took 10 minutes to get back to Base when it started snowing as we took just over an hour. We got back at 1pm and I was starving so had two lunches in a row! Then last night I watched Mission Impossible 2 (the one set in Sydney) on Francis’s computer in our dining tent and Gylu cooked us pizza which was an awesome highlight!

Yesterday afternoon Dawa went down to Sama Goan to call Lakpa as she is due any day now to have a baby! He went to have a shower and stay the night. Get out of the snow for a bit I imagine. Today is a rest day so I managed to wash some clothes, have a bucket shower, wash my hair and check the net. All very exciting! There is still no way to Camp 2 as the snow has been too deep. So the Sherpa that are fixing the ropes are waiting for the sun to consolidate it and are trying again tomorrow to get there.

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  1. Brief update last night from Allie – snow has been horrendous, they attempted going up over last couple of days but more snow storms. They are now back again at base and will again attempt after 2 more days – the weather forecasts unfortunately have been inaccurate.

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