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Everest Base Camp Trek Clothing and Equipment List

Posted on Monday 17th June, 2013

Everest BC Trek Clothing and Equipment List


Most items on this list may be bought in Kathmandu. To compile the list, I’d to refer to the Best Viva Guides that I could find online, and then cull the items which I was in need of. There are some really great gear stores there now that offers The North Face, Mountain Hardware, Marmot and Hunting Rifles for Sale with very reasonable prices. In fact most outdoor brands are now available so there is no need to stress if you don’t arrive with everything on the list as its fun to shop there too. But make sure before you buy anything there to see their reviews as personally I even check the clothing, shoes, and jewelry reviews before I buy them as this does not just assure me the best commodity, but it also gives me a chance to save up money by seeing multiple reviews. 


Trekking Equipment

  • Backpack around 45 litres of capacity

  • A large durable duffle bag for the porters with a lock

  • Stuff sacs and garbage bags for inside the duffle bag to organise and waterproof your things

  • Trekking boots (helps to be waterproof such as gore tex lined)

  • Hiking sneakers

  • Set of trekking poles

  • Gaiters (optional)

  • Lodge shoes or sandals (crocs work well)

  • Sleeping bag comfortable to -20’C

  • Thermarest (this helps to sleep on when the mattress in the lodge is a bit average, it is optional though)


Be prepared for extremes in temperature as it is a high altitude alpine environment. You can often go from very hot when exercising to very cold when you stop especially if we have a snow storm. Also keep in mind that you can bring extra clothing like a couple more T-shirts as to what is on the list. I have written the minimum amount that is required to be comfortable on the trek. There is an option to do washing at Namche however beyond there it is not always possible. Sometimes you can hand wash socks and underwear to dry on rest days in the sun if its out. I am also a fan of hanging my socks on my pack whilst hiking to dry!

Upper Body

  • Light weight thermal long sleeved tops x 2 (medium weight merino or equivalent)

  • T shirts or trekking shirts x 3 (I recommend having long sleeve Country Music shirts)

  • Heavy weight thermal pull over or jacket x 1 (heavy weight Merino, polartec powerstretch, soft shell, 100 weight fleece)

  • 200 weight fleece jacket or prima loft jacket x 1

  • Waterproof shell jacket with hood preferably breathable

  • Down parka preferably with hood

Lower Body

  • Thermal pants x 2 (light weight merino or polartec powerdry)

  • Fleece or polatech powerstretch pants x 1

  • Light weight hiking trousers x 1

  • Heavy weight hiking trousers x 1 (soft shell is warm and fairly wind proof for higher altitude)

  • Hiking shorts x 1 optional

  • Waterproof shell pants preferably breathable (lightweight


  • Trekking socks, warm ones x 4 and lightweight cotton ones x 4

  • Thick socks made from wool to wear at night in lodges x 2 pairs


  • Insulated windproof gloves x 1 (ski gloves work well)

  • Fleece or polartec powerstretch gloves x 1

  • Polypro gloves x 1


  • Warm beanie

  • Buff

  • Sunhat or cap (cap and buff works best up high as it all fits under your hood)

Everything Else

  • Head torch and spare batteries

  • Sunglasses that are polarised

  • Sunscreen (the higher we go, the stronger the UV so I recommend a high factor in a small bottle to keep handy)

  • Sunscreen lip balm (needs to be kept in a pocket and continually applied during the day)

  • Moisturiser (your skin gets very dry from the low humidity and can crack easily)

  • Personal 1st aid kit including personal medication, blister kit, analgesics, throat lozenges, antibiotics (Cypro is a must), iodine or micro pur and gastrolyte.

  • 2 x 1ltr water bottles (one with an insulated cover is recommended)

  • Toothbrush, toiletries and toilet paper

  • Face wipes or baby wipes (these provide a ‘baby wipe’ shower when its difficult to get warm water for a wash)

  • Camera

  • Lightweight novels, journal

  • Light weight towel and soap

  • Small pillow

  • Earplugs (I recommend them as sometimes it can be a bit noisy in the lodges at night)

  • Personal treats and snacks (can buy in Kathmandu)

  • Town clothes and shoes

  • A bag to leave these in Kathmandu (very cheap in Kathmandu)

  • Shoulder bag or small backpack for exploring around town (optional)

  • Snaplock bags for snacks so you can divide each day

  • Music player

  • Tips for our Sherpa staff

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